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Let’s Discuss How The Good Wife Ended


[Warning: Spoilers for The Good Wife’s series finale follow.]

“To talk about the end of the series is probably to talk about the beginning of the series,” co-creator Robert King said of The Good Wife, after its Sunday night finale. “We’d always had this idea of Alicia becoming more and more of something that she also was not liking in her husband.” To that end, the show finished how it began: with a slap.

Aside from mixed initial reactions, Sunday’s episode also left several questions in its wake: What is the next stage of Alicia’s life? Why did she betray Diane? With whom does Alicia end up? What are fans and viewers supposed to make of the finale? While we wait for Vulture’s official Good Wife recap, roll the following clip to see creators Robert and Michelle King address those questions, and share your own thoughts about the “End” in the comments below:

Let’s Discuss How The Good Wife Ended