W. Kamau Bell and Stephen Colbert Talk ‘United Shades,’ Racism, and Larry Wilmore on ‘Late Show’

Here’s a great clip from W. Kamau Bell’s appearance on last night’s Late Show, where he chats with Stephen Colbert about new CNN show United Shades of America and explains the difference between racism and prejudice between white and black people in the US. He also gave a decidedly mixed review of Larry Wilmore’s WHCD speech then followed it up with a dig at The Nightly Show: “I didn’t appreciate all the CNN jokes – that’s my new network, so… He said he remembers when CNN used to be a news network, and I feel like that’s a shot at me. And I just wanna say I remember when the show that followed The Daily Show used to be funny.” “Yeah! Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn was a very funny show!”

W. Kamau Bell and Stephen Colbert Talk ‘United […]