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Let This Mr. Robot Teaser Explain What Happened After the Evil Corp Hack (the Answer Is Total Chaos)

Near-global financial collapse! Cyber-terrorists on the loose! A cash economy! Mr. Robot’s second season sure sounds like it takes place in the future as imagined by your average angry uncle on Facebook. In a teaser for the next season, we learn a little more about the aftermath of the Evil Corp hack that closed out the first season. Notably, the public seems to be holding Tyrell Wellick responsible for the “Five/Nine Hack” and is assuming that he’s the head of FSociety. But justice isn’t entirely blind: Wellick’s also wanted for the murder of Sharon Knowles, the executive’s wife he strangled last season. Meanwhile, the hack’s put the world into an economic spiral, and President Obama’s on his way to New York for a speech at the U.N. — hey, we saw him in the season two trailer! You can dig deeper into the state of things, mostly by watching more clips, on Mr. Robot’s site.

Watch a Mr. Robot Teaser on the Evil Corp Hack