Allow A$AP Mob to Teach You How to Live Wonderfully Color-Coordinated, Trippy Lives

How high do you have to be to find yourself part of a squad that spends their days chilling in pastel bathrobes and coordinated camo with a fleet of rainbow Lamborghinis? Only the A$AP Mob can lay claim to such a trippy lifestyle, and they’ve put it all on display in the video for the posse cut “Yamborghini High,” off their forever-in-the-works new collective album. If you see your screen go pixelated, don’t worry, YouTube isn’t glitching and your brain hasn’t completely melted — that’s just how you see the world when you’re as jiggy as A$AP Rocky and his crew. There’s also a fittingly purple tribute to the late A$AP Yams. Oh, and fans of The Hills, stick around until the end.

Watch A$AP Mob’s Colorful ‘Yamborghini’ Video