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In the New Equity Trailer, Anna Gunn Is a Boss Who Also Knocks Down the Financial System

Did you like The Wolf of Wall Street, Margin Call, Wall Street, or Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, but feel like they were all missing out on, oh, a female lead with agency? Equity is here for you. Anna Gunn plays an unscrupulous investment banker — you can tell, because she has impeccable tailored outfits and topples Jenga towers — and Alysia Reiner is the Fed on the case. That’s cool and all, but how exactly does investment banking work? Does Equity come with a Big Short–style explainer, with Alexander Skarsgård subbing in for Margot Robbie in the bubble bath scene? Because that would be nice! Watch the new trailer above, and if you’re inclined to see even more IPO mischief, the original trailer below.

Watch Anna Gunn in the New Equity Trailer