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Arcade Fire Do a Very On-Brand Surprise Performance Outside of the Louvre

Participating in the exhibition “JR at the Louvre” by noted French street artist JR earlier this week, Arcade Fire darlings Win Butler and Régine Chassagne took over the public garden Jardin des Tuileries by the Louvre to perform a short set of tunes. Joined by a merry band of live percussionists, the husband-and-wife duo spun tracks by David Bowie and Sinéad O’Connor which is great and all — but the real fun came when they performed a snippet of what appears to be a soulful new song, informally dubbed “I Gave You Power.” It’s a groovy one! That can be viewed above, which is complemented by a longer jam session below.

Rumor has it the Musée d’Orsay is trying to book Vampire Weekend in retaliation.

Watch Arcade Fire Perform Outside the Louvre