Beyoncé Slayed Prince’s ‘The Beautiful Ones’ Once Again

Shortly after Prince’s death last month, Beyoncé honored His Purpleness by having “Purple Rain” play over the speakers on the opening night of her Formation tour, and also by covering Vanity 6. But wait, there’s more: At her show in Dallas on Monday night, she resurrected her incredible cover of “The Beautiful Ones” for her latest tribute. Beyoncé famously covered the song at her 2011 headlining Glastonbury set (remember when she mashed it up with Kings of Leon’s “Sex Is on Fire“?!), having done it first in 2009 for her Las Vegas concert special. She slayed it then, and no surprise, she’s still slaying it now. How sweet must that lemonade taste in the afterlife?

Watch Beyoncé Slay Prince’s ‘The Beautiful Ones’