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The Bob’s Burgers Cast Members Play Themselves in a Short Movie That’s Very Confusing If You Think Animation Is Real

Fun fact: There are real-life people voicing the animated characters on Bob’s Burgers, and those real-life people have real-life lives, where they go on tour, hang out with mermaids, and snort horrendous amounts of cocaine. Wait, that’s just in the movie about the lives of those voice actors, which plays before stops on the Bob’s Burgers Live! tour. The show posted the short today in honor of the 100th episode of Bob’s Burgers, which airs this Sunday. Kristen Schaal (who plays Louise) wrote and directed Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie. There are appearances by Schaal, Dan Mintz (Tina), H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Eugene Mirman (Gene), John Roberts (Linda), Larry Murphy (Teddy), Kevin Kline (Mr. Fischoeder), David Herman (Mr. Frond), Brooke Dillman (a bunch of different voices), and creator Loren Bouchard. Close your eyes, and it’s just about the Belcher family!

Watch Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie