Pink and Her Chill Family Go Madder Than a Hatter for the Sake of Disney

In the battle of the summer soundtrack singles, only one can truly hang. (Sorry, JT.) Of course we’re talking about Pink and her actually fire new song, “Just Like Fire,” for Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass. And while most would want to avoid scaring the kids with Johnny Depp’s frightening CGI face, she brought along the whole family — hubby Cary Hart and their daughter, Willow —  to get magically acrobatic. For no less than half this video, Pink is suspended in mid-air, as usual, sometimes at dizzying speeds. So if you’re prone to motion sickness, fast forward to the end when all that spinning has her seeing way more than double and (spoiler!) earns her a trip to the cuckoo’s nest — something Cary is totally cavalier about because, like Alice and all her friends, he is clearly tripping.

Watch Pink’s Dizzying ‘Just Like Fire’ Video