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Watch Radiohead Perform A Moon Shaped Pool Songs Live for the First Time, Plus Some Oldies

Radiohead is perhaps the best live band on the planet, because their live performances are constantly evolving. They don’t grow stagnant, like so many other ’90s rock bands. Instead of just harping on their 20-year-old guitar-rock songs to appease “I miss their old stuff” fans, they put on a show of serene beauty at Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall this week, performing seven songs off A Moon Shaped Pool for the first time. (They also exhumed a few Bends-era tracks, for those missing the halcyon days.) They opened the 24-song show, their first in almost four years, with “Burn the Witch,” “Daydreaming,” “Decks Dark,” “Desert Island Disk,” and “Ful Stop,” the first five tracks on the album, which also appear in alphabetical order. (“Identikit” and “Ful Stop” were played during The King of Limbs tour, and, of course, “True Love Waits” has been a live staple since forever, the Jack Torrance of Radiohead songs.)

Watch Radiohead Perform A Moon Shaped Pool Songs