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Watch the New Trailer for Kristen Stewart’s Personal Shopper, the Most Divisive Film at Cannes

The Olivier Assayas–directed thriller Personal Shopper, which stars Kristen Stewart as a personal shopper who moonlights as a medium, made its debut at Cannes last summer to an extremely varied reception: Some critics vehemently booed once the credits rolled, while others opined it was Stewart “at her very best.” (I mean, she’s the greatest actress of our generation, right?) But until the film gets released in March, a new trailer in which mysterious, murderous happenings begin after Stewart tries to communicate with the ghost of her dead brother (talk about an unreasonable return policy — heyo!) will have to suffice. The Parisian fashion world has never looked so spooky. Go to Milan instead!

Watch New Trailer for Kristen Stewart’s Personal Shopper