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The Lena Dunham–Produced Suited Dives Into the Bespoke World of LGBTQ Fashion

The trailer for HBO’s newest documentary, Suited, might have you reaching for a Kleenex or two. It follows the Brooklyn tailoring company Bindle & Keep, which specializes in creating custom suits for transgender and gender-nonconforming clients. Produced by Girls’ Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, the doc tells the stories of various people who find themselves visiting the store for unique reasons, including a trans boy planning his bar mitzvah, a New York City cabbie, and a transgender man in the midst of preparing for his wedding. As one client beautifully puts it during a fitting: “I get to be whoever I want.” Suited is set to premiere on June 20.

Watch the Trailer for Lena Dunham’s Suited