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T.J. Miller’s Silicon Valley Outtakes Can Double As a Master Class in Old-People Burns

The season three premiere of Silicon Valley introduced a new CEO for Richard Hendricks’s data-compression start-up Pied Piper the eccentric, proud horse owner “Action Jack” Barker. His promotion didn’t work out so well in the end, but before his termination, we got to witness a hilariously memorable scene with Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller) hurling a copious amount of elderly-centric jabs at Barker after it was announced he would dethrone Richard as the company’s CEO. Now, if 20 seconds weren’t enough for you the first time around, HBO released a longer outtake video of even more signature Bachman insults. Don’t try them out on your grandparents, okay?

Watch T.J. Miller’s Silicon Valley Outtakes