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New The Space Between Us Trailer: We’re Finally Getting That Mars Rom-Com

In case you thought The Martian was lacking in the romance department, The Space Between Us is here to fill that charming interplanetary void. The first person born on Mars following a successful colonization, a teenage boy (Asa Butterfield) chooses to return to Earth years later for a relatively conventional upbringing, only to escape his scientist handlers (Gary Oldman!) in pursuit of a girl (Britt Robertson) he began an online friendship with, as well as for clues about his unknown father. (We’re going to go out on a limb here and say it’s Gary Oldman.) The only problem with this daring escapade? His organs are beginning to fail owing to the Earth’s atmosphere. Holy Phobos and Deimos, what a twist! The Space Between Us will hit theaters on Earth on February 3. Check out a new trailer above, while the two earlier ones are below.

Watch the New Trailer for The Space Between Us