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As Expected, Beyoncé Gave Tidal a Massive Boost After the Release of Lemonade

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When Tidal exclusively dropped Beyoncé’s Lemonade last month, the Beyhive immediately flocked to the service  which is owned by her husband, Jay Z  to stream her highly personal sixth solo record and accompanying visual album. The streaming numbers, of course, were going to be impressive (it’s Beyoncé, dammit!) but now we’re finally privy to the exact data. According to the New York Times, so far there has been 306 million global streams for songs from the album on Tidal, with about 75 percent of those streams (229 million) coming from the United States. Additionally, Tidal said that “it gained 1.2 million user sign-ups, including free trials, in the first week that Lemonade was available,” and the visual album has been streamed 11 million times. Lemonade made its debut in the top spot on the Billboard album chart before being overthrown by Drake’s Views, but don’t fret  Bey currently has eleven (!) songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Look out, Kanye.

What Are Lemonade’s Streaming Numbers on Tidal?