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Here’s What Kanye’s Yeezus Vinyl Would’ve Looked Like

Photo courtesy: Lucky.Me.

Kanye West is a self-proclaimed proud minimalist, which was evident with the original release of his sixth album, Yeezus, back in 2013 the album’s cover favored transparent packaging and a subtle kaleidoscopic color wheel, with the only conspicuous touch being a red geometric shape on the side. A vinyl was ultimately never released for Yeezus, but now a record label has come forward to state that they, in collaboration with Ye, were asked to tool around and “look into a vinyl spec” for the album at one point. The Glasgow-based label LuckyMe posted an image of the spec on their Instagram, which shares many aesthetic similarities with the original cover. Dare we say it’s gorgeous? (No word yet if The Life of Pablo will be released on vinyl.)

What Kanye’s Yeezus Vinyl Would’ve Looked Like