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Were You in the Audience When Andrew Rannells Forgot the Lyrics to His Hamilton Solo? (Probably Not. Do You Know How Much Tickets to Hamilton Cost?)

Thespians, they’re just like us! They forget, they blank, they freeze! We all have those days, but in the case of Andrew Rannells, the stakes were a little bit higher  he was playing King George for a limited time in Hamilton while Jonathan Groff was away shooting a film, and, well, as soon as he walked on stage for his fifth performance he couldn’t remember a damn thing. (And it’s a long solo, to boot.) He quickly bounced back thanks to some bold lip-syncing and help from the conductor, but not before looking like a “crazy person” reminiscent of Toddlers & Tiaras. You’ll Be Back, Rannells.

When Andrew Rannells Forgot His Hamilton Lines