Willow Smith and Michael Cera Made a Song Together — It’s Like a Lullaby for Babies Born in 2048

Never change. Photo: Getty Images

At first glance, alleged earthlings Willow Smith and Michael Cera seem like an unlikely pair. But that’s only if you’ve never listened to their music. Willow is, of course, known for her spacey philosophical musings, while Cera once put out a whole surprise album of what you might call “bedroom indie-folk.” So naturally, their worlds — wherever in outer space they call home — were destined to collide. Willow has uploaded a new song “twentyfortyeight 2.0,” produced by none other than Michael Cera. How do we describe this thing? It’s short (under two minutes) and accurately tagged as #ambient, so it’s essentially a lullaby. But if you listen closely to Willow’s spoken-word lyrics about seeing “nebulous yellow-hued shapes” attempting to warn mankind about our “manufactured society,” you’ll suddenly realize that no adult, let alone a baby, is equipped with the mental capacity to make a lick of sense out of this song. So obviously, as its title implies, it’s meant for anyone born in 2048 or after. Ah, yung Willow and Cera, forever ahead of these strange times.

Willow Smith and Michael Cera Made a Song