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The 17 Best Shark Tank Products for Summer

Even if you don’t watch Shark Tank, chances are you’ve heard about the transformative powers of the Squatty Potty and unrivaled cleaning abilities of the Scrub Daddy. But hidden between the show’s more well-known hits are dozens of equally clever-slash-absurd inventions that get less hype. Presented here, many of them are just perfect for this time of year.  

Spikeball Combo Pack
A brand-new sport that’s like a mix of volleyball and four square.
$60 at Amazon 

Monkey Mat
A water-repellant 5-foot-by-5-foot mat that weighs 11 ounces to keep on hand for all your outdoor sitting needs. 
$20 at Amazon 

Loliware Edible Cups
Or go all-out Willy Wonka with these edible cups that come in flavors like yuzu citrus.
$16 at Amazon 

AquaVault Outdoor Safe
Keep the phone, wallet, keys, books, and food secure while you walk off into the ocean.
$45 at Amazon

Reviver Freshening Swipes
These reusable pads swipe away B.O.
$20 at Amazon 

KaZam Balance Bike
Forget training wheels. This bike (for ages 2–5) helps new riders learn balance and control before moving up to a two-wheeler with pedals.
From $70 at Amazon

Umara Z-Trail sandals
Xero Shoes are inspired by the tire sandals of Tarahumara Indians and designed to be the ultimate in barefoot and natural walking. The owners turned down a deal with the sharks, yet Forbes reports sales are still expected to reach $3 million this year.
$80 at Xeroshoes

Oru Beach Foldable Kayak
For rowing lovers who live in small apartments.
$1,275 at Amazon

Solo cup on one side, shot glass on the other. Perfect for garden parties and picnics.
$10 for a 22-pack and 2 ping-pong balls at Amazon

Luminaid Inflatable Solar Light
A waterproof, floating, solar-powered LED lantern.
$20 at Amazon

Grill Charms
Mark your steak rare, medium-rare, well-done, etc.
$10 at Amazon 

Rock-It 3.0
Turn literally any hollow object into a speaker with this 5-inch pod that translates your music into vibration sequences and bounces off whatever you have on hand.
$20 at Amazon

Vurtego Pogo Stick
For extreme pogo stickers only. This can launch you 10 feet in the air and holds the world record for highest jump on a pogo stick. The newest version, V4, came out this February.
$439 at Amazon

For sleeping out under the stars, and over a truck.
$120 at Amazon

Tie-Not Water Balloon Filling Set
Attach this to the end of a hose and never pinch your fingers tying another water balloon again.
$6 at Amazon 

Spooner Yardboard 
A board that rides downhill on dirt, grass, sand (and snow).
$100 at Amazon

Slyde Handboards
Slip this on your hand while bodysurfing to increase buoyancy and lift. It’s also got a GoPro attachment.
$169 at Amazon

The 17 Best Shark Tank Products for Summer