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ABC Is Getting In on That Live Musical Racket With For the Record Live

For the Record. Photo: For the Record Live/Facebook

Ever since The Sound of Music Live turned Twitter into a firestorm of Lederhosen jokes, live musicals have become the future of TV. NBC put on Peter Pan Live and The Wiz Live, and it has plans to do the same for Hairspray. Fox countered with Grease: Live and whatever The Passion was. Now, with Dick Clark Productions, ABC is developing a musical of its own: For the Record Live. The show is based on For the Record, an L.A.-founded theater production that turns film soundtracks from famous directors into “thrilling, immersive live-entertainment events.” There’s no word on which director the TV version will focus on, but here’s hoping for a tragic, Spielbergian ode to the shark from Jaws.

ABC Developing For the Record Live