Turn: Washington’s Spies Finally Had the Balls to Introduce Alexander Hamilton

AMC’s Revolutionary War drama Turn: Washington’s Spies has been steadfastly avoiding introducing Alexander Hamilton, seemingly in fear of drawing comparisons to that other project. Well, now they’ve finally nutted up and done it: As EW reports, Monday’s episode will bring the future treasury secretary into the mix. Played by former extra Sean Haggerty, Turn’s Hamilton appears in his capacity as George Washington’s right-hand man as the duo crosses paths with Benedict Arnold, a real historical event that was left out of the musical thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s absolute hatred of egg puns. Lafayette is there too, although he doesn’t rap super-fast, or at all, in this one. Now if only the series could find a way to make time for Hercules Mulligan (takes deep breath), a tailor spying on the British government, he takes the measurements and information and then he smuggles it up to his brother’s revolutionary covenant; he’s running with the Sons of Liberty and he is loving it. See, that’s what happens when you’re up against the ruffians — we’re in the shit now, somebody’s got to shovel it. Hercules Mulligan, he needs no introduction, when you knock him down he gets the fuck back up again! (Passes out.)

AMC’s Turn Finally Introduced Alexander Hamilton