Anastasia Theater Adaptation Is Coming to Broadway, But Sorry ’90s Kids: There’s No Albino Bat

Fans of the debunked legends surrounding Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia — or ’90s animated musicals about it — are in luck: Out of the dark of the night, Anastasia has found its way to Broadway. Composers Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, who wrote the Oscar-nominated songs in the 20th Century Fox feature, have reworked the music and story with the help of Ragtime’s Terrence McNally for the stage adaption. The New York Times reports that the musical, which debuted at the Hartford Stage, will make its move in April. Many of the movie’s songs have been cut as have, according to a Playbill interview, several of the characters, including the resurrected sorcerer Rasputin and his talking albino bat Bartok. But what is a story about a Russian princess escaping her family’s political execution without an albino bat trying to thwart her love life, you may ask. Who knows, who knows?

Anastasia Musical Is Coming to Broadway