Aphex Twin Got a 12-Year-Old YouTube Gamer to Direct His First Music Video in 17 Years

Seventeen years ago, some of us were 9 and spending our summer break reading Harry Potter, watching Maury (shhh), and definitely not directing music videos for famously bizarre electronic artists. But welcome to 2016, a year when 12-year-old YouTube gamers in Ireland can be plucked out of obscurity by Aphex Twin and put to work on the musician’s first music video in 17 years. Apparently, Aphex Twin found Ryan Wyer via his deeply strange channel, on which he sometimes games and sometimes acts possessed by Satan, and thought, Now’s a good time to come out of music-video retirement. The video is for “CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ],” off Aphex Twin’s upcoming Cheetah EP, which could very well include 200 more songs. And as you might expect from any narcissistic 12-year-old YouTuber, the video more or less stars Wyer, who is dancing and superimposed with Aphex Twin’s infamous devilish grin. Because kids just aren’t creepy enough.

Aphex Twin Releases First Video in 17 Years