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Aubrey Plaza Had a Mini–Parks and Rec Reunion for Her Birthday, and You Weren’t Invited

Plenty of people are not “birthday people.” Some experience a lot of ennui with the occasion; others just don’t think it’s an accomplishment worth celebrating. Point is, most of those people don’t have the cast of Parks and Recreation celebrating their existence with cupcakes. Deadpan-czar Aubrey Plaza did, and still her anti-birthday reserve did not break, still her even-keel did not bend. Prompted by Conan O’Brien’s exasperation at Plaza’s birthday blahs, Plaza shared that she did have a little birthday fun, appearing on Anna Faris’s podcast (increasingly the place to be), where her former Parks and Rec co-stars Chris Pratt and Retta gave her cupcakes. Sounds lovely, right? Plaza did admit that it was “very nice,” but, like a punishment-averse kid backing away from a broken vase, added: “It wasn’t my idea!”

Aubrey Plaza Had a Mini–Parks and Rec Reunion