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The Trailer for Democracy Handbook With Bassem Youssef Will Introduce You to the ‘Egyptian Jon Stewart’

Bassem Youssef captivated the world with his unique brand of humor while hosting the satirical news program Al-Bernameg in his native Egypt for three seasons, and now the satirist will be bringing his talents Stateside. In a new web series for Fusion, Youssef will be hosting the ten-part The Democracy Handbook With Bassem Youssef, which will find each episode focusing on a topic about democracy. (Guns! Free speech! Elections!) Today, we’re pleased to premiere the trailer, which can be viewed above.

“The fact that I come from the Middle East and was given the chance to comment on American political issues is an incredible opportunity and a great challenge. I hope to bring a different perspective to the table that is enlightening for Americans as well as people back in the Middle East,” Youssef said. “There is no doubt that America is a shining example of democracy, but nothing is perfect and nothing is complete. In certain aspects, I find areas where I hear the same rhetoric as in the Middle East; it is funny, some of the sound bites you hear here in America from a ‘certain’ candidate, would fit perfectly coming from a dictator in my region.”

The series will be available to stream in its entirety on July 14 on, with an additional one-hour special airing July 17 on Fusion’s cable network.

Bassem Youssef’s Democracy Handbook Trailer