Jena Malone Pops Up in the Trailer for a 3-Hour (!) Cut of Batman v Superman

We’ve known for a while that Zack Snyder was planning an extended cut of his cheerful superhero romp Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Our first glimpses of it have arrived, and they include the following new bits, among others: a mystery character played by Jena Malone telling Amy Adams’s Lois that she’s a good reporter, a scratch-off lotto ticket with the Batman insignia, a drone strike in the fictional African nation of Nairomi, an ominous declaration from Jeremy Irons’s Alfred, and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne in the shower. Given that this cut will have an R rating, one can hope the latter scene will feature Affleck’s legendary shower peen.

Watch a Trailer For a 3-Hour (!) Cut of BvS