Bill Hader Talks ‘SNL,’ Panic Attacks, and His Upcoming HBO Show on ‘Any Given Wednesday’

Here’s a fun clip from HBO’s new series Any Given Wednesday, where two Bills – host Simmons and guest Hader – chat about everything from what he learned about Lorne Michaels at Saturday Night Live to how his three daughters are “a little embarrassed” by his voice showing up in animated movies to his upcoming HBO comedy Barry, which the network ordered to series earlier this month. Hader also confirmed a rumor that he had a panic attack in the middle of an SNL sketch as Julian Assange back in 2010: “I didn’t feel like I was prepared, so on air I’m sitting there and all of a sudden it felt like someone was sitting on my chest,” he says. “I started sweating, I thought I was going to start crying.” Thanks to a (prop) glass of wine, he was able to make it through the sketch, panic attack and all.

Bill Hader Talks ‘SNL,’ Panic Attacks, and His […]