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Birdman Really Sleeps on One Million Dollars in Cash, Insists Birdman

Some habits are hard to break. For Birdman, that means sleeping on 1 million dollars, hard cash, until he is a dead man. At least so says Birdman, who fittingly made the claim on ESPN’s Highly Questionable. Asked by host Dan Le Batard if the rapper and producer “had a million dollars that you actually slept on,” Birdman insisted, “I still sleep on a million dollars cash. That’s just a fatuation for me in life. I do that and I’mma do that until I die.” And Birdman doesn’t mean “a million dollars cash” as in “a humorous hyperbole intended to signify much cash.” Birdman means that the cash couched between his mattress and his sheets amounts to a literal seven figures. “I got a million dollars on my mattress, under my sheets,” he said. Okay, sure … but, why? “ I just feel the need to do that. I was fortunate to blessed to be able to do it and I sleep on it every night with my Versace bedspread on top of it,” says Birdman. We’ll settle for some cushy memory foam, but it’s nice to know that somebody is getting good use out of the Beyond section of Bed, Bath, and.

Birdman Sleeps on One Million Dollars in Cash