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Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon Know All Things in a Game of ‘Know It All,’ If By ‘All’ You Mean ‘Some’

Blake Lively faces off against a shark in The Shallows, and now the shark she has become. The evidence was plain in the latest installment of Blake Lively v., wherein she went toe-to-toe with Jimmy Fallon in a game of “Know It All” on Monday’s Tonight Show. Sure, Blake, all smiles and bowled-over laughs and guessing that “burrito” is a Spanish word, may seem like she’s playing in good fun. But Blake Lively is not here to make friends. How else do you explain the wit/wile tour de force of Lively when she’s supposed to name a four-letter word and goes with “shoot,” managing to convince the judge that she was just self-censoring “shit”? You can’t. That level of unblinking chutzpah will not be denied. Here’s a four-letter word for you, Blake: boss.

Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon Play ‘Know It All’