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Bo Burnham Shares Some Advice for All of You Sweet Dreamers Out There: Pack It In

Oh, you poor, sweet, naïve fools. Those dreams that you’ve been banking on? Bo Burnham would like you to know that they’re the made-of-pipe kind. Burnham, who’s been on a bit of an honesty kick of late, dropped by Tuesday’s Conan to dispel notions of the efficacy of hard work and talent for making it big time. “The system is rigged against you. Your hard work and talent will not pay off,” Burnham explained. But Bo, you made it! Surely, the rest of us can follow in your stead? Nope. Of himself and O’Brien, Burnham said: “We’re tall white guys. We overcame nothing to be here. There was nothing standing in our way, and we barely got here. You have no chance … Once you have a debit card, give up.” Well, joke’s on you, Bo! A whole bunch of us already have one.

Bo Burnham’s Advice for Dreamers: Call It Quits