You Might Want to Check Your DVR If You’re Recording The Americans Tonight

Our favorite spy couple. Photo: FX

Due to what appears to be a database entry listing error, DirecTV and Tivo-branded DVRs — and very likely DVRs used by many other cable and satellite companies — were tricked into thinking an infomercial FX aired in the wee hours Wednesday morning was actually tonight’s Americans episode. As a result, if you have your DVR set to record all first-run episodes of the show — and only first-run episodes —  there’s a good chance your DVR is currently scheduled to skip recording tonight’s finale (since it believes it’s already recorded the show). If you’re reading this before 10 p.m. EST, it’s not too late to avoid catastrophe: Go to your TV’s program guide and check to see if the episode is still set to record tonight. If it’s not, simply set up a manual recording, and you should be fine. (Also, tonight’s episode is scheduled to run long, so maybe add a few minutes to the recording.) Meanwhile, don’t blame FX for this mess-up. While the network has ’fessed up when it’s made listings mistakes in the past, in this case, “We issued correct [program] listings,” a network spokesman told Vulture. “This is not a network issue. A major listings provider made an error.” Or was it really Russian hackers working on behalf of former KGB agent Vladimir Putin? Hmmmm…

Be Careful DVR-ing The Americans Tonight