Celebrate the Release of Todd Solondz’s Wiener-Dog With This Similarly Weird Quiz

Todd Solondz’s much-anticipated 2016 dark comedy, Wiener-Dog, follows the life of a dachshund as it’s passed from quirky owner to quirky owner. And, it may just be his weirdest work ever, which is quite the statement considering he’s the man behind Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse. Fittingly, the film’s title is a nod to Welcome to the Dollhouse – the 1995 cult classic is centered on the life of middle-school outcast Dawn Wiener (known as “wiener dog” to her tormenters).

To celebrate Wiener-Dog’s fast-approaching June 24th release and its wonderful brand of weird, we’ve decided to put your dachshund knowledge to the test. Watch the wiener dog grow with each correct answer, and revel in the strangeness of it all.

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    Celebrate Todd Solondz’s Wiener-Dog