Check Out Peter Serafinowicz’s Hilarious Yet Terrifying Trump Dub Videos

Peter Serafinowicz is a very funny man with a very powerful voice, and for the past five months he’s been putting those talents to work in a series of videos that really drive home the terror that is a possible Donald Trump presidency. Most of the videos are clips of Trump campaign speeches and TV interviews that Serafinowicz simply dubs over word-for-word with decidedly non-Trump voices, which transform the candidate into a cockney gangster, posh Brit, sassy gay man, and more. Trump’s speeches are already childish, nonsensical, and non-specific enough on their own, but watching them with the disembodied voice of Serafinowicz subbed in really amplifies it all:

For two of the videos, Serafinowicz took the liberty of giving Trump new lines altogether:

Keep an eye on Serafinowicz’s Trump dub playlist here – as long as Trump remains in the presidential race, we can probably count on more of these videos to come.

Check Out Peter Serafinowicz’s Hilarious Yet […]