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Take a Break From All Your Worries: Cheers Gets a Stage Adaption

Remember the first season of Cheers? Well, writer Erik Forrest Jackson certainly does. According to the The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson binge-watched the 22-episode first season of the long-running sitcom a total of nine times before adapting the arc for theater. Really, it’s amazing he didn’t snap under all that will-they-or-won’t-they tension Ted Danson and Shelley Long were throwing down. The play will debut in Boston, the same city as the fictional Cheers bar, before going on a national tour. Theatergoers can expect audiences, whether they’re asked to or not, to scream “Norm” whenever a large man walks onto the set, and to sing “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” if ever given an opportunity. It will surely be a culturally enlightening experience for all, even with Frasier’s absence (he didn’t appear until the third season). 

Cheers Gets a Stage Adaption