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Chris Messina Will Drop From a Series Regular to Guest Star on Mindy Project, Which Isn’t a Great Sign for Mindy and Danny’s Eternal Love

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Okay, well, maybe they are in a long-distance Skype relationship next season? Or Danny has to go be an OB/GYN in a submarine? Ugh, fine. Mindy Project fans undoubtedly know that Chris Messina’s Danny, former fiancé of and baby daddy to Mindy, has appeared less and less over the show’s fourth season. According to TVLine, Messina will no longer be a series regular during the show’s fifth season, also on Hulu, but will instead stop by occasionally as “a recurring guest star.” That’s bad news for anyone holding out a sliver of hope that Mindy and Danny were going to settle down into a hilarious sitcom family. Hey, at least Mindy hasn’t pulled a McDreamy on him, right? Yet. That we know of. Oh Lord, Danny’s a ghost next season, isn’t he? Isn’t he?

Chris Messina Will Guest-Star on Mindy Season 5