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Stephen Colbert Inserts Himself Into Kanye’s ‘Famous’ Bed, Which Would Have Made the Morning After Less Awkward at Least

If you’re planning an orgy with all of the most self-serious people on Earth, you should always invite a Stephen Colbert or similarly friendly celeb to help lighten the mood. It’s like Orgy 101, people. The Late Show host reimagined Kanye’s “Famous” video last night with one more naked, glistening, waxen torso crammed in that giant, sweaty bed, and it seems like a vast improvement. Except for the cracker eating. Some people should get kicked out of bed for eating crackers. Actually, we all should. Who eats crackers lying down in bed? There is literally a saying that hinges on the mutually agreed upon fact that no one should introduce cracker crumbs into a sleep situation. Sit up like a human being to eat those crackers. Get a plate. There are at least two presidents present, for God’s sake.

Colbert Adds Himself to Kanye’s ‘‘Famous’ Bed