Colin Jost and Michael Che Will Remain on ‘SNL’s Weekend Update Next Season

It’s been a month since SNL’s 41st season wrapped up, and news about next season’s cast is starting to trickle in. According to The Wrap, one thing we can count on is the return of Colin Jost and Michael Che at the Weekend Update desk. “This is the season that gelled. Living through it is never fun,” Michaels said on the decision. “I think there’s real chemistry now. I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in a more interesting context.” As for the rest of the cast, it sounds like we’ll be hearing some more updates in the near future, with Michaels taking time this weekend to “get down to business” regarding next year. “I used to have an old rule in the ’70s: Don’t make any decisions in June,” he said. “By the end of the season, you don’t like anyone. And then you get away from it, and you start to see how good things were, and you just see things more clearly.”

Colin Jost and Michael Che Will Remain on ‘SNL’s […]