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Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Adam Scott, Adam Levine Set for Fun Mom Dinner, As If There’s Any Other Kind

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Photo: Jonathan Leibson/2016 Getty Images

Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Bridget Everett, and Katie Aselton are the glorious bastions of maternity set for Fun Mom Dinner, a combination of words that sounds like an improv group but is, in fact, a comedic film. The ensemble will star in Alethea Jones’s directorial debut about “four moms whose only common ground is their kids’ preschool class, who decide to get together for a harmless ‘fun mom dinner.’” As group plans with a lot of requisite coordination usually go, things don’t stay all fun (mom dinner) and games for long, as “the night suddenly takes an unexpected turn and things gets real.” Some of the not-moms in Fun Mom Dinner include Adam Scott, Adam Levine, Rob Huebel, and Paul Rust. The script comes from Julie Yaeger Rudd, with Naomi Scott producing, while their respective husbands, Paul and Adam, will executive produce. Naomi Scott told Variety, who first reported the casting, that the film is “a love letter to moms,” one presumably scribbled in spaghetti.

Collette, Shannon, Scott in for Fun Mom Dinner