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The Conjuring 2, Banking on the Repressed Memories of Catholic-School Students, Is Making a Spinoff About a Nun

Look behind you! Photo: Warner Brothers

Make sure your skirt is comfortably below your knees and your polo collar isn’t popped around your neck, or else get ready to feel the wrath of The Nun. New Line announced today that following the ample box office success of the supernatural-horror film The Conjuring 2, a spinoff centered around a demonic nun is moving forward in development. With the current working title of The Nun, David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote The Conjuring 2, has been hired to write the script, with James Wan and Peter Safran, who respectively directed and produced both Conjuring films, expected to produce the spinoff. This will be the second Conjuring spinoff, following 2014’s Annabelle. (Interestingly, The Hollywood Reporter notes that the nun’s character wasn’t originally in the script of The Conjuring 2, and was only added three months before the film’s opening.) Those paranormal investigators better practice their Hail Marys.

The Conjuring 2 Getting a Spinoff With a Nun