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James Corden Explains Carpool Karaoke’s Rise From Lowly Sketch Idea to Thing You Have to Know and Care About

James Corden’s recurring “Carpool Karaoke” segment has featured such performing arts luminaries as J. Lo, Adele, and Chewbacca Mom, but as James Corden explained on The Late Show, the idea has more modest roots. It hails from a sketch he pitched for a Comic Relief fundraiser, which, originally, was about picking up George Michael from prison. Then the prison part got dropped, the karaoke was added in, and voila! Of course, Corden couldn’t get the L.A. version off the ground until he had a “chance meeting” with Mariah Carey —  wait, what? James, tell us the whole story! You can’t yada yada Mariah Carey!

Corden Explains the Backstory of Carpool Karaoke