Like Barbra Streisand, You Too Will Sway and Mouth Along With a Look of Awe As Daisy Ridley Sings Broadway

If there is one piece of content you consume today, please let it contain a long, lingering zoom-in shot of Barbra Streisand prayerfully pressing her palms together and rocking back and forth, silently singing along as Daisy Ridley and Anne Hathaway perform A Chorus Line’s “At the Ballet.” As Streisand explains in a truly amazing behind-the-scenes video, she invited Ridley and Hathaway to guest on her new album of duetsEncore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway, which also features Chris Pine and Jamie Foxx, among others. An album and a whole host of reaction gifs in one fell swoop. What a gift.

Daisy Ridley and Barbra Streisand Sing Broadway