Dan Harmon Takes Famous Actor/Murderer John Wilkes Booth to UCB on ‘Great Minds’

Here’s the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s History channel series Great Minds, where he and Spencer bring back famous murderer/actor John Wilkes Booth (Andy Dick). In an attempt to make Booth feel empathy for his grievous crime, Harmon decides to take him to the Upright Citizens Brigade to act in a play where he’s forced to take on the role of his victim – a challenge the actor is willing to face: “I will courageously take on the part of Lincoln and I will play that chin-strapped wretch as if he were King Lear!” This inevitably leads to Harmon proving the point Booth makes before disintegrating: “I’m an actor! We only learned two things: That I’m a great actor, and that anybody can become a murderer if the right buttons are pushed.”

Dan Harmon Takes Famous Actor/Murderer John Wilkes […]