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Daniel Radcliffe Won’t See the New Harry Potter Play Because There Would Be Too Many Fans in the Audience For Him to Lose Himself in the Magic of Theater

Daniel Radcliffe isn’t the only Harry Potter in town anymore: Thanks to the new West End play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which picks up decades after the end of the end of Deathly Hallows, the role has now been assumed by the actor Jamie Parker. As Radcliffe explained while promoting his farting-corpse movie Swiss Army Man on Stephen Colbert’s show Tuesday night, he was glad to pass the torch. “Jamie Parker’s a wonderful actor, and I’m very very happy to see him playing me,” he said. “And maybe all the questions will shift to him now. He can do all the Harry press.” Still, though, while Radcliffe says that he’s “genuinely intrigued” by the play, the logistical realities of theatergoing make him unlikely to see it: “I just feel like sitting in an audience that will, for the most part of the near future, be very enthusiastic Harry Potter fans might not be a … relaxing way to see a show.” If only he didn’t throw away that invisibility cloak!

Daniel Radcliffe Won’t See New Harry Potter Play