Dave Grohl Says ‘Batman’ Taylor Swift Saved Him From Embarrassment in Front of Paul McCartney

There’s going to be a temptation to create a Bat signal in the shape of Taylor Swift playing “Best of You” in front of Paul McCartney and a stoned Dave Grohl, but honestly, just call her if you need her. We’ve made a lot of progress in “signaling” technology since Batman was created. The Foo Fighters front man played a solo acoustic show at Cannes Lions last night and recounted the time Swift saved his bacon in front of a Beatle. Now is this cooler than the actual Batman showing up and rocking out with Dave Grohl? Yes, because there is no way that guy can play. When would Batman have time to take lessons? Plus his gloves must be so thick. It would have been a whole thing.

Dave Grohl Says Taylor Swift Was His ‘Batman’