In a Classic Deadpool Move, Deadpool Crashed the Japanese X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

At the 2:32 mark of the X-Men: Apocalypse Japanese trailer (a.k.a. when the actual trailer is over) Marvel’s “newest addition to the super-dysfunctional X-Men family” pops into frame to hold a postmortem on the preview. “Oh hi, Japan! Deadpool here. Surprised?” says Ryan Reynolds in character. “I know what you’re thinking, an after-credits scene for a trailer? I thought they only did that for movies? Well, not everyone makes it to the end of Fox movies, so now we’re doing it after trailers.” Zing.

The antihero proceeds to go over some highlights from the trailer. He comments on his personal ties to the film (“Psylocke is a hot-looking girl using a super-powered katana, and I’m a horrible-looking man using a katana. Twinsies!”) as well as a know-your-audience crack about Wolverine (“Looks like they’re introducing a Japanese mutant with Ginsu knives coming out of his hands. Let’s see how that goes.”). If this minute-and-a-half of Deadpool made you miss the Merc With a Mouth, take heart  Deadpool 2 is in the works and should start shooting in early 2017.

Deadpool Crashed Japanese X-Men Trailer