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There’s Video of a Young Drake Doing Improv, Proving That He’s a Very Well-Rounded Goof

Drake has always been something of an agreeable goof, and now we know why: Aubrey Graham is a student in “yes, and.” Video recently surfaced of a young, seemingly Degrassi-era Drake doing a round of improv comedy at Toronto’s Rivoli Theater. In the clip, he very eagerly does his part as a supportive scene partner in a bit about a pregnant weight-lifter. The whole thing is more than a little cringe-worthy, if only for an unfortunate reliance on the word gay as inherently funny, but there are glimpses of the talented dweeb yet to come, especially when Drake has to make up a country-western ditty. So, between this and his successful SNL-hosting stints, how long until Marc Maron is asking Drake about meeting Lorne Michaels?

Drake Used to Do Improv