Future Was Sued by His Former Label Head Over Alleged Breach of Contract

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Future has been sued by the head of his former label for an alleged breach of contract. According to TMZ, rapper and A1 Recordings owner Rocko is claiming that Future violated his deal to make his first six albums with the label. The conflict is over the role of Epic Records, which, according to Rocko, was only signed to distribute Future’s albums. Instead, the suit alleges, Future made a side deal for record advances with Epic that cut Rocko out of profits he believes he is owed. Rocko has claimed he is owed 25 percent of the commission from the Epic advances and 20 percent of Future’s earnings from avenues like touring and advertisements. Per TMZ, the suit adds up to more than $10 million. If only Future could have seen this coming.

Future Sued Over Alleged Breach of Contract