Gillian Jacobs Visits ‘Great Minds’ as the World’s First Computer Programmer Ada Lovelace

Here’s the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s History channel series Great Minds, where he and Spencer bring back the world’s first computer programmer Ada Lovelace (Gillan Jacobs). Since Lovelace and Spencer share an interest in all things coding and computers, Harmon decides to use it as an opportunity to address some network notes about Spencer not coming across as a real human: “Look at it this way: They love the Tin Man, they wanna see him get his heart.” “That’s easy, I can make a heart. I just need the right proteins.” Thankfully for Spencer, that attitude turns out to be the perfect way to not only connect with Lovelace, but help her fulfill her dream of turning into code forever. “It’s beautiful in here, Spencer. Join me, and we’ll live forever as glorious code.”

Gillian Jacobs Visits ‘Great Minds’ as the World’s […]