Grimes Ends Concert Early After ‘Disturbing’ Barclays Incident, Says She’ll Explain When It’s ‘Safe and Legal’

St Jerome's Laneway Festival - Auckland

Grimes cut short her second performance at Barclays Center, opening up for Florence and the Machine on Wednesday night, following a “disturbing,” unspecified earlier incident. Brooklyn Vegan reports that before the singer played “World Princess Part II,” she told the audience, “We just had a really disturbing thing happen to us today, so sorry if my voice is shaking. It’s been kind of a fucked day. There’s a lot of fucked things going on in the news. I apologize if I’m having a lot of trouble keeping it together.” Midway through the song, she reportedly walked off the stage abruptly, the lights in the arena turned back on, and her set was over with no explanation. Her label 4AD told Brooklyn Vegan, “Unfortunately, we are unable to give a comment right now.”

You can see footage from the concert below.

Update: Grimes has spoken out about her abbreviated concert, tweeting that she will add more context “once I can safely and legally do so.” Until then, she says not to trust any information from Reddit and fan accounts.

Grimes Ends Concert After ‘Disturbing’ Incident