Not Sufficiently Hyped About Hamilton Yet? Here, Try the Cast Singing ‘Wait for It’ A Cappella

Barring Aaron Burr rising from the grave and tackling Lin-Manuel Miranda to the ground, Hamilton is going to sweep the Tony Awards this weekend. But that doesn’t mean the cast is resting on its many, many laurels. They’re performing at the ceremony, and, dammit, they’ve still got to rehearse! CBS released some of that footage, which reveals that the show is doing Burr’s (Leslie Odom Jr.) “Wait for It” as its Tonys number. The video has a cool 360-degree feature, so, even though you’re unlikely to get a ticket to see the darn thing in your lifetime, you’re closer than ever to squinting and almost, kind of, sort of pretending that you’re there.

Hamilton Cast Sings ‘Wait for It’ A Cappella